At Adroit Research, we run a range of workshops and provide training to help you at different stages of your research.  Contact us to arrange a workshop for your team/faculty on site.  See our extensive list of previous clients.


online Qualitative Research workshops

Download the schedule here


Planning your research

  • 1 Introduction to qualitative research
  • 2 Which qualitative research approach? 

Conducting literature reviews

  • 3 Literature reviews, research designs and the use of theory
  • 4 Using NVivo for a literature review

Collecting qualitative data

  • 5 Qualitative data collection ‐ what are we trying to find out? 
  • 6 Conducting interviews – logic & logistics
  • 7 Making the most of focus group interviews
  • 8 NVivo and new media: Non-­conventional forms of qualitative data
  • 9 Observations and visual data

Qualitative data analysis

  • 10 Qualitative data analysis: From data to code
  • 11 Beyond the code: Categorising, thematising, conceputalising, and theorising

Writing up qualitative data

  • 12 ‘Just writing up’ – writing up the qualitative research dissertation

How it works

All workshops are conducted online on the dates listed, however they can be conducted on site and tailored for specific audiences at different times.  We use gotomeeting ‐ easy to use software requiring only a web browser on a PC or Mac.  Participants are invited to ask questions throughout the workshops and during the 30 minute discussion session at the conclusion of the workshop.  A microphone and webcam are not essential.

All workshops (except the masterclasses) last for 1.5 hours.  Comprehensive notes will be provided prior to the workshops.  Participants are encouraged to send specific project details prior to the workshop, and can email questions up to a week after the workshop.

For the following workshops, Register your interest today and we will keep you posted when a date is announced. 

Raising your research profile (1.5 hours online or face to face) 

  • Managing your online research profile and h-index
  • Using Google Scholar and
  • Using Social Media to build your research profile

Using NVivo to analyse social media data (1.5 hours online or face to face)

  • Capturing Social Media data from Twitter, Facebook and Linked in discussion groups
  • Coding Social Media data into themes
  • Querying Social Media data to understand community discussions and ROI

We also run onsite workshops (on demand) for qualitative data analysis

  • Introduction to NVivo software for qualitative data analysis
  • Advanced - Using NVivo software for qualitative data analysis
  • Working with reference management software e.g. endnote, mendeley, zotero