At Adroit Research we have been providing transcription services to top universities and the Australian government for over 10 years. Our team of highly experienced transcribers provide fast and accurate transcription services and are ready to tailor their transcriptions to your specific requests.

Tailored to your requirements
Our expert team can transcribe to your exact requirements, whether that is just transcribing exactly what is said (verbatim), or if you need the nuances of the interview captured as well - e.g. long pauses, nervous laughter.

Our secure server is based in Australia, so you have peace of mind knowing that your data doesn’t leave the country. This is a legal requirement in some areas of research in Australia.
No audio files and transcription files are ever emailed. Instead you upload your files directly onto our secure server and when the transcription is completed, the finished files are uploaded to our secure server and a link is sent to you to download the content. Our server has 256-bit SSL data encryption. This is the same security used by banks and many e-commerce sites.

Our standard turnaround time is five business days for 5+ interviews, and this can vary slightly during particularly busy periods or quieter ones. Our clients include the Australian Government, Griffith University, University of Queensland, Deakin University, Charles Sturt University and many more.

We have worked on numerous projects containing highly confidential data, and are happy to sign confidentiality agreements if requested.

We can transcribe directly into NVivo for you at no additional charge. Transcribing in NVivo allows you to be as close as possible to your data, you can easily add in notes about the meaning behind what people say and non-verbals revealed in the interview.


We are committed to doing a thorough job of your transcriptions.  To do so, we ask you to complete the following form for us.


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