Responsibilities of Lead Authors


  • identifies and adjusts (as needed) the vision for the project;
  • manages the efforts of all collaborators on this article (i.e., co-authors and other non-authoring assistants) in accord with this vision;
  • spearheads the search for relevant literature and other secondary data;
  • manages the effort to collect and analyse data (if necessary) (may need to draw in other team members);
  • produces and submits the theme-related manuscript(s) submitted for publication;
  • produces and submits all project-related correspondence to editors or other relevant parties 
  • manages the revision process for any manuscript that reaches the ‘revise and resubmit’ stage;
  • produces the ‘notes to reviewers’ for any manuscript that reaches the ‘revise and resubmit’ stage;
  • provides copies of the manuscript(s) and all project-related correspondence and documents to all co-authors;
  • is accountable for the veracity of all claims made in the manuscript(s);
  • maintains relevant materials on a secure Centre online depository accessable by all team members (e.g., questionnaires and data sets (if necessary);
  • handles all post-publication queries (e.g., requests for reprints, questions about methodological details); 
  • decides if the terms of this agreement should be revised.