Summary for Day 1 NVivo Basics – next steps

1.     Create a new NVivo project e.g. Jenine.nvp

2.     Import your data (brain dumps (as memos), literature, empirical data (interview, focus groups).

3.     Create your Research Diary (a new memo).

4.     Create interview summaries (a memo for each interview – right click and create memo link to a new memo)

a.       Include contextual information about the interview interactions and demeanour of the interviewee, and also the 5 things you learnt that you did not know before

5.    Create nodes apriori (from the literature) and code your data to them (select relevant text, right click and code).

6.    Create nodes from your data to code (select relevant text, right click and create node, which codes text selected too).

7.    Do a word frequency query

a.       Open a pdf or word doc – select word cloud on the ribbon to get a summary and a word cloud of the most frequently occurring terms

b.       Or go to Explore on the ribbon, and word frequency query. Scope your search [search in] and choose exact matches, stemmed words, synonyms, etc

8.    Do a text search query – Explore tab on the ribbon, and text search query. Scope your search [search in] and add in your word, “phrase” with any relevant special tools (Booleans and wildcards).

9.    Export your results – right click and export.

10.   Back up regularly – File and Copy Project.

 Summary for Day 2 NVivo Basics – next steps

  1. Develop your codebook!

  2. Review your nodes and your coding.

  3. List all possible research questions.

  4. Create matrices to ask questions of the data and build up themes.

  5. Write.