Providing education and training since 2000

Join the thousands of students who have attended Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen’s workshops on qualitative research and NVivo.

We believe in rigorous, systematic, transparent research.

Are you conducting a research project?  Do you deal with non-numerical (qualitative) data gathered through document analysis, literature reviews, focus groups, interviews, surveys/questionnaires, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)?  Then we can help.

At Adroit Research, we have decades of experience in qualitative research in academia and industry.  We can help you with designing your research project, providing advice on conducting a systematic literature review, supporting your data collection and analysis, to writing and disseminating the results.  We promote the importance of rigorous research designs, systematic literature reviews and approaches to data collection, and transparent data analysis. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients.

Have you heard of NVivo?  It is data analysis software that helps to manage mostly unstructured qualitative data collected in a research project.  We have 10+ years experience in training and consulting in NVivo and we work closely with QSR International, the Australian developers of the software.

What we do

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