Using Social Media to share your research

I'm fascinated with the power that researchers now have to share their research via social media. With a lot of focus now on how many citations we have as individual researchers rather than on journal rankings and impact factors (although these are still important), we need to take control of social media and really use it to our advantage to get more people reading our research, and to make more of an impact. Here is a GREAT tool I am using to manage my twitter, facebook, linkedin accounts, allowing me to post to all with a single click! Yay for awesome tech developers like this! It's called HootSuite.

Why not tweet when your hard worked journal article finally gets published after the 3 years of writing and rewriting? If nothing else, it is therapy. What you may also find is that those you never dreamed of are reading your article and citing it, and using it to stimulate their own ideas. It can't hurt right?

I admit I now love twitter: not just posting but reading the posts of others. I use it for research mostly, and I find it easy to read a few posts over breakfast or when waiting for the bus each day. Out of this I find that I learn at least one new thing about research every single day, or I find a resource I can recommend. This makes me love research even more, when you see people so passionate about it. Give it a try. I dare you! :)