The Adding-In Method


When you approach your analysis, whether it is your literature review or your your interviews, it often feels overwhelming. We suggest you start with 1-2 papers per day, in what we call the "adding in" method. This is designed to break down the big task of importing everything you have, in a way you can cope with. Bite size pieces, with good habits every day to "add in" at least something, you will get there.

Day 1 - find the 2 most interesting articles you have. Import them into NVivo. Do a word frequency on them. Manually code them according to our systematic literature review process.

Day 2 - bring in the 2 next most interesting articles and repeat as above. Start to build up your coding on the topics within the papers by coding them to relevant nodes.

Day 3 - while you are keeping a research journal each day, bring in 2 more articles to add to your repository. Keep going!

Write every time you work on your research project. Then you end up with more writing than you need. Writing then becomes rewriting. Rewriting is good! :)

Photo credit: @crissyjarvis