NVivo: Compare features on Windows and Mac Platforms #NVivo #research #mac #windows #ecrchat #phdchat #academiclife

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In the workshops we regularly run on NVivo, we often get a mix of people wanting to learn NVivo on Windows and Mac computers. One thing that becomes very clear, particularly when we run our advanced workshop where we do a lot of visualisations and queries, is that the Mac version has some limitations. We had hoped that the Mac version would be equal in features to the Windows version by now, but sadly this isn't the case. So we wanted to show you the comparison list of features to help you make the best possible decision when deciding which platform to use.

Now that may sound like a strange thing to suggest because wouldn't a Windows user use the Windows version and a Mac user use the Mac version, well not necessarily. I personally use a Mac but I run a virtual machine and I run Windows, and therefore the Windows version of NVivo on my Mac. I do this for historical reasons, but also because I am mostly trained in Windows. I do however have the Mac version on my machine which I can use for comparison. But to be honest, when wanting to use some of the more advanced features that the Mac version does not have, I find this a little frustrating and have chosen to continue with the Windows version.

Therefore I wanted to present this list to you to give you some guidance on which platform you should use to invest all of your time in your research and also in learning a new tool in NVivo.

Here is the product comparison list. If you need help with setting up a virtual machine - let us know