Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen established Adroit Research in January 2013.  Building upon her experience as a freelance researcher for the past decade, Jenine saw a need for providing a collection of research services aimed at helping researchers to conduct rigorous and systematic research.  Jenine's reputation as a trainer is well-established.

Dr. Sue Nielsen has helped many researchers tease out specific methodological and theoretical problems. Dr. Liisa von Hellens' insight into ethical issues that researchers face are invaluable.  Dr. Tricia Hopton has extensive skills and experience in the craft of English language.  Together, we provide extensive research services to help researchers at all stages of their work.

Note: Jenine's mother developed the logo for Adroit Research and maintains the website (JMWeb Designs) and her former IT student Kevin developed the website infrastructure.  Another former student Ilona Rose Graham helped establish this new site.